Success Tips For Young Men


Have you ever watched those time travel movies and thought that may be awesome to be able to go back in time and talk together with your former self, to be able to give yourself some tips, so that things, well, maybe don’t end up too different, but maybe they’re improved in some key areas? Guys, in today’s video, I’ve got ten tips I wish I could tell my younger self. Now, in the following pointers I’m not visiting get ultra specific I’m not visiting return to the time I was 16 occurring a date with a woman named Kelly. And as i used to be visiting pick her up, I reached across to grab some tissues and ended up rolling and wrecking my aunt’s truck. No, I’m not visiting return and specifically give myself that advice although that might probably are useful. No, during this one we’re visiting focus more on general topics.

Now, I do must allow you to guys know this can be sponsored by Rogaine. I’m undecided if you know, but 32% of men under the age of 35 are going to suffer from hereditary hair loss. I know in my family, my brother Tom, my brother Steve both suffer from this. In fact, I remember my brother, Steve I saw him when he arrived from the naval unit booth camp, he had the high in type, but he was also missing lots of hair on the highest of his head. which was the first time, i do not think i actually said anything to him then, but I did notice as a young man and that i hoped because my dad has lost his hair also, i used to be hoping that it would skip me. feels like I got pretty lucky.

But for those of you which will take action, you definitely want to test out Rogaine. You’re going to wish to use it for about four months before you see any results, but it is FDA approved clinically proven, something you definitely want to test out. Tip beloved i’d give myself is to pursue your dreams, Antonio not somebody else’s. So, after I was a child, I wanted to be a paleontologist. I really I knew i prefer dinosaurs and it just seemed really cool.

I also wanted to be an archeologist because i really like the Indiana Jones movies. And then, somebody somewhere along the way distinguished and say you recognize you’re to be stuck in an exceedingly museum and you are not going to make any money. And you must look to become a doctor. I don’t know who planted the seed in my mind, but in highschool all of a sudden I switched to eager to become a doctor. after I went to college i assumed I wanted to be a doctor. The Organic Chem killed me and Chemistry I did not like. Next thing you recognize i do not really want to be a doctor because i noticed after having to travel through all that job and I was looking and acquire the trail I’m like I really don’t desire this, this is not my dream. So, I abandoned that dream and you’d think I would learn from that, but I made that mistake again after I joined the US Marine Corps. I ended up taking place the scholar naval aviator route, made it through Pensacola, i used to be in Corpus Christi and so blew up my sinuses in an exceedingly T34. And I think it had been then once I realized, you know, I just wanted to be a marine, I didn’t necessarily want to be an aviator.

I met guys who it absolutely was their dream and when it had been their dream, they put forth plenty more effort they were plenty more dedicated than i used to be. Nowadays, I do have a dream and that is what’s interesting is dreams change. My new dream is to be the patriarch to my family and i am talking generations from now. i would like three I want my great grandkids to understand that, you know, I’ve heard stories about, you know, our great grandparent Antonio. This guy he actually sacrificed, he built up our family so that we could have great success. I don’t really have a robust male figure in my life, so my dream now could be to be that male figure, that patriarch in my family. Tip two. Be present and luxuriate in the instant. So, i’ve got a nasty habit of daydreaming or always looking ahead.

When you are not enjoying the moment, you are not there together with your wife or with your kids, you are not truly happy, you’re not really enjoying it. Yes, there’s a small amount of happiness will be felt when dreaming, but I could tell you a number of the happiest moments I’ve ever had are just with my kids holding them. just like the other day, I’m with my daughter Katya, she’s just contact top of me and just like she’s a year-and-a-half old and still take a look at her and for her to go to sleep on my chest. That on behalf of me is happiness. Tip three. Lose the guilt. So, i do not know where I picked up most guilt, but I always felt that if i’m winning or if i’m in somehow in the lead or if I’m, you know, up there at front, i’m taking from others that it was a zero some game. Guys, i’ve got now shifted my mindset to 1 of abundance realizing that, yes, in an athletics the person who gets the gold technically does take from those others, there is a limited supply. You can build things up why rather than thinking of it sort of a pie and we’re all fighting over small pieces, how about you build up the pie and therefore most are able to take their fill.


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